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life science academy

Duration: 2 Days
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Language: english
CME: 12
Certificate: Yes

Course fees: 350 KWD
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Obstetric Ultrasound Scan plays an important role in antenatal care. It is one of the main tool used for screening for fetal structural anomalies and growth restriction.

In current practice, the surges of assisted reproduction, advance maternal age and the presence of maternal co-morbidities make the screening for fetal anomalies crucial.

Diagnosis of fetal abnormalities and growth restriction allow for further invasive testing and decisions about pregnancy care and delivery plan.

Extensive three days course designed for practicing obstetricians, sonographers and midwives to extend their knowledge and skills in obstetric scanning.

The course summarizes the principles and the techniques used in performing obstetric scanning to enable diagnosis and optimum image interpretations.

It focuses on screening for fetal anomalies, fetal biometry and umbilical artery Doppler. The course is unique in providing practice on real pregnant women.

After attending this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Recognize the standards guidelines for mid trimester anomaly scan.
  • Ability to identify fetal abnormalities.
  • Ability to perform growth scan and umbilical artery Doppler.

Day 1: (3:00 pm - 7:00 pm)

  • Preparation to scan.
  • Basics of image optimization.
  • Standard guidelines for 20 weeks anomaly scan.
  • Standard guidelines for growth scan and
  • Umbilical artery Doppler.
  • Clinical Assessment using Phantom.

Day 2: (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)

  • Hands-on practice on 20 weeks anomaly scan on real pregnant women.
  • Clinical cases.
  • Assessment on anomaly scan.
  • Hands-on practice on growth scan and umbilical artery Doppler on real pregnant women.
  • Clinical cases
  • Assessment on growth scan and umbilical artery Doppler.
  • Hands-on practice on growth scan and umbilical artery Doppler on real pregnant women.
  • Clinical cases
  • Assessment on growth scan and umbilical artery Doppler.
Certificate of Attendance.
Practicing Obstetricians & Sonographers.

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  • Cancellation of confirmed registration shall require written notification (letter or email) at least one day before the program.
  • Rescheduling for any valid reason shall be considered if requested at least Two weeks before the program.
  • Any cancellation and/or "No show" on the day of the course shall indicate "No Refund and No Rescheduling".
  • If the participant notified LSA officially of cancellation 1 to 7 Days before the program date, 50% of the total fee shall be refunded.
  • Notification of cancellation within more than 8 days before the program date, 75% of the total fee will be refunded.
  • The cancellation of clinical programs which require pre-course materials, if the participants received those materials, then the participants shall bear the cost of those specific materials as per the cost determined by the program.
  • Notification of cancellation for ATLS Courses must be one month before the day of the course.

Total 350 KWD


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